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American Pump & Well is now part of the Culligan Bellingham family of water experts.

American Pump & Well offers a variety of testing, installation and maintenance services to keep your pumps and wells in top condition. Ensure your family is drinking clean, healthy well water with regular water tests, well inspections and pump maintenance. If something isn’t working properly, American Pump & Well can repair or install a new pump, and our 24/7 emergency service means you never have to wait. In additional to well pumps, we repair and install pressure tanks, constant pressure systems, sump pumps and effluent pumps.

American Pump & Well Services

Well Water Testing - Regular well water tests are recommended by the EPA for all homeowners with private wells, to insure their water is safe and healthy to drink. A variety of well water testing options are available, from comprehensive packages to single-contaminant tests.

Well Inspections - Well inspections use a flow meter and pressure gauges to verify minimum output requirements, and the pressure tank and controls are inspected for proper code compliance. Additionally, the well cap is removed and the interior of the well is inspected for leaks or contamination.

Well Chlorination - Well chlorination is the typically the easiest, most affordable way to treat bacterial contamination in private wells. 

Well Pump Installation - Well pumps are the heart of your well system - they keep the water flowing. Whether you are installing a new pump or replacing an old pump, always hire a trained professional.

Well Pump Maintenance - Well pump maintenance ensures your well pump will continue to run at peak efficiency, saving energy and providing a continuous flow of water.

Well Re-Pressurization - Well re-pressurization keeps your well pressure tank working properly, ensuring a strong, steady flow of water to your home.

24/7 Emergency Services - With 24/7 emergency service available, you never have to worry about your taps running dry or exposing your family to dangerous contaminants. Call us any time, day or night.

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